The Past is Prologue

Wandering Woods With Weird Wildlife

Once within The Greatwood, Haskell Ullvetten and Kalen Sand were easily able to continue following the trail of the clansmen, despite the increasing thickness and elemental foreboding of the woods. Sounds of shadowcats on the hunt trailed behind them, and glimpses of other predators trailing them at the edges of their vision to the right and left. Before they could either overtake their quarry or become prey of their own, however, they heard the sounds of conflict ahead of them.

Before they could draw up short, they stumbled upon a Dire Bear assaulting a crowd of the clansmen, and saw yet more of them seemingly attacked by the very foliage of the trees. They attempted to veer around the melee, only to find themselves suddenly stumbling upon a grove of massive weirwood trees wherein the surviving members of the mountain clan force were held prisoner by a band of Children of the Forest.

Haskell addresses the Children in the Old Tongue, with respect and reverence, having stumbled upon one of the greatest mysteries of the old world which are the main focus of his academic pursuits. He tells them that they did not mean to encroach upon their home, but that the clansmen murdered their kinsmen and stole a family heirloom and they wanted only to recover it. One of them steps forward and identifies himself as Taproot, and tells them that he has indeed recovered Dawn from the clansmen and that he will agree to return it to Kalen if he will first do something for them.

Taproot is a greenseer, and tells the adventurers that he has seen a clutch of dormant dragon eggs lying beneath the foundations of the Wall, far to the north near the Land of Always Winter. He says that they have been there since the Longest Night and will be likely to quicken and hatch in the upcoming summer. Not only would hatchling dragons amongst the Night’s Watch be…problematic, but also there is a Valyrian dragonlord named Maegor Rahlaryswho even now follows an old war story of his grandsire and searches for the eggs himself. Taproot requests that the adventurers recover the eggs and return them to him, and that they take another human with them.

Roznas na Aqqun is a Ghiscari wanderer who has crossed the narrow sea in search of answers to his green dreams or a way to halt them. He found sanctuary in the grove of the Greatwood’s Children, but Taproot has seen that his path forward lies with Kalen and Haskell. Taproot tells the travelers that he can help them travel the majority of the vast distance very quickly, and they agree to his terms. They insist on seeing Dawn before leaving, however, just so that they can be certain the Children actually have it, and then Taproot creates some sort of portal through a massive weirwood that takes them from a grove in the Greatwood to a grove in The Wolfswood in a matter of moments.

Finding themselves immediately in the North, the travelers find themselves confronted with the brutal cold, but also are given aid of the Wolfswood children under the supervision of Sentinel. They are given directions and their horses are spoken to by a Child on an enormous stag, and the animals proceed to bear them tirelessly to the edge of the wood nearest the main shipping route to the Wall.

After a short amount of travel, they arrive at the Nightfort, and begin asking around under the guise of inspecting the work being done in preparation for sending supplies from Dorne, while in the meantime hoping to find a way to inspect an area beneath the Wall to search for the eggs they seek. The adventurers meet Tytos Casterley, First Steward, and Brandon Stark, First Builder, and are given temporary lodgings while they go about their business. They are informed that Eddard Stout, the First Ranger, and Olin Tyrell, the Lord Commander, are both at other castles along the Wall currently, so they focus their attention on Bran the Builder, as he is known. While Kalen pursues a conversation with him, Haskell requests access to the Nightfort’s library to see if he can find any lore that would help their mission.

Brandon Stark proves to be a massive blustering man and a prodigious drinker, but a fairly straightforward man nonetheless. He gets the bulk of their story out of them and tells them that he can, indeed, have them escorted beneath the wall to search for that which they seek, and then they part ways for the evening.



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