Davrick Dayne

Heir to House Dayne (deceased)


Davrick was the squire to Andros Dayne, Sword of the Morning, and was killed along with the knight he served during the ambush that saw the House’s famous heirloom Dawn stolen.

Half-brother to Kalen Sand, he was 15 years Kalen’s junior, and when he first became a page at the age of nine his mother Elora Dayne began attempts to convince her husband to supplant Kalen’s claim to the lordship of the House with her own son. When Davrick was raised to squire in his 14th year, Arro finally granted his wife’s wish and replaced Kalen with Davrick as his heir. Whether this was due to his wife’s urging or simply because he felt his second son more suitable as the Lord of the House is unknown.

Davrick Dayne

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