Marq Fowler

Captain of the Guard at Kingsgrave


Marq Fowler is the competent, straightforward fourth son of Garrison Fowler, known as the Blind King, a cunning Lord of central Dorne who was sent to the Wall by Lady Nymeria for opposing the unification of Dorne. While Marq’s eldest brother inherited the lordship of House Fowler when their Lord Father was forced to take the Black, Marq took his experience in the leadership of his father’s men and went into the service of House Martell directly. In short order, Marq was dispatched to the watchfort known as Kingsgrave, where he quickly rose through the ranks to command the garrison there.

Marq is an honorable, simple, trustworthy soldier. He takes his duty seriously and takes pride in doing it properly. The ambush that took the lives of 100 of his Lord’s finest soldiers, the Sword of the Morning among them, was an event that struck to the bone for Fowler. Since the attack, he has used his command to increase patrols and search for clues as to the source of the attack.

Marq Fowler

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