Mors Martell

Prince of Dorne


Mors Martell is the Lord of House Martell, and increasingly Lord over most of Dorne. House Martell was, as recently as forty years ago, only of middling prominence among the greater Houses of Dorne, but the coming of the Rhoynar refugees to Dorne and the formidable Princess Nymeria changed the history of the Martells forever.

While most of the lords of western Dorne viewed the Rhoynar with more than a little mistrust and disdain, Mors Martell saw their arrival as an opportunity and their leader as a woman to be reckoned with. Mors took Nymeria to wife and forever merged the Rhoynish with House Martell and began the new era of Dorne.

The Rhoynar brought the art of crafting iron to the Martells, and soon they were outfitted with arms and armor far superior to what the other lords of Dorne could bring to bear. Ever wary of her security since the loss of her holdings in Ny Sar, she pushed her husband to consolidate the region under a single rule. Some of the other lords of Dorne, having seen the power of steel versus the bronze weapons to which they were accustomed, bent the knee to House Martell immediately and lent their strength to the new Prince of Dorne. For nearly a decade now, Prince Mors and Princess Nymeria have spearheaded this effort with great success, with holdout houses resisting behind the strength of House Yronwood, who have controlled nearly half of Dorne for centuries.

Mors Martell

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