Deep Crow

The Beast Beneath the Wall

  • Agility: 5
  • Athletics: 4
  • Awareness: 4
  • Cunning: 4
  • Endurance: 30
  • Fighting: 6
  • Will: 5

Combat Defense: 12 (Penalty for Enormous Size)
Armor Rating: 9 (12) Thick Plumage (Mandibeak)
Armor Penalty: 0

Health: 90
Movement: 12 Yards

Claws: 5D 8 Damage
Bite: 5D 12 Damage

Hellish Caw: The Deep Crow emits a barrage of sound in a frontal cone 12 yards long. Anyone caught within the cone must make an Endurance (Resilience) test with a Formidable (12) difficulty. Anyone who fails the test suffers -2 to all dice rolls for 3 combat rounds.

Wind Beneath its Wings: The Deep Crow rears up on several of its legs and beats the air with its immense wings, filling the area with churning wind. All characters within 12 yards of the Deep Crow must make an Athletics (Strength) test with a Formidable (12) difficulty. Anyone who fails the test suffers -2 to all dice rolls for 2 combat rounds.

Vorpal Mandibeak (4D): The Deep Crow attempts to shear appendages from its foe, darting in with a forceful snap of its hellmouth. If this attack succeeds with 2 degrees, a limb is severed from its victim.


The Deep Crow is an abomination that lives in a monstrous cavern beneath The Wall. It stands roughly forty feet tall when all of its legs are on the ground, and is best described as a colossal crow that possesses multiple legs, myriad multifaceted eyes, and a set of mandibles like a spider. The Deep Crow came into existence when the wild magic of the Children was used to set the boundary of the Wall, driving back The Others.

In those ancient rites were magics of strength and binding, of drawing things together and making a whole that is vastly more powerful than the sum of its parts. Caught within the web of this magic was an enormous murder of crows that had found a cavern in which to roost and shelter from the cold of the Longest Night and a pack of Ice Spiders left to follow their instincts when the White Walkers were driven back in the fighting who had also come to inhabit the same cave. The magic seized all of these creatures and fused them into one nightmare beast that now lives beneath the very foundations of the Wall.

Deep Crow

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