Princess Nymeria

Princess of Ny Sar, of the Rhoynar, and of Dorne


Princess Nymeria was the ruler of the city-state of Ny Sar along the Mother Rhoyne, who held back from the massive commitment of war against the Valyrian conquest, and subsequently fled Essos with her legendary fleet of five thousand ships to eventually arrive on the coast of Dorne. Though most of the native Dornish viewed the Rhoynish with suspicion, Mors Martell saw opportunity in a union with these foreigners, and took Nymeria to wife, joining House Martell with the refugees.

Not a typical Westerosi woman, and certainly not one to be subservient, Nymeria has changed House Martell as much as the Dornish have influenced her own people. Women of Dorne are now much more assertive and viewed far more as equals than in other parts of Westeros largely due to Rhoynish tradition, and the fabled water witches of the Rhoynar have proven invaluable for finding precious moisture in the unlikeliest of places in the fierce deserts of Dorne. According to Nymeria’s wishes, Mors Martell took for himself the title of Prince of Dorne, and it was at her urging that the unification of the kingdom of Dorne began.

Princess Nymeria

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