House Dayne

House Dayne is one of the oldest and most prominent houses in Dorne, though in truth it may owe most of its fortune to a falling star. The earliest members of the fledgling House of Dayne are said to have seen a falling star and to have traced its path to the present day site of Starfall. The family’s seat was founded there, and metal taken from the fallen star is said to have been used to forge the legendary sword called Dawn. The Daynes enjoyed economic strength due to the security of their keep and their access to the southern sea, and the strength of their coffers and borders helped maintain their safety for thousands of years.

Yet for reasons unknown, Arro Dayne, Lord of House Dayne, was one of the first to answer the call when Mors Martell called the Lords of Dorne to join him in making a single kingdom of the southern peninsula, and the fruits of her treasury and the strength of her arms have contributed to the Martell consolidation ever since.

Notable Members

Arro Dayne
Andros Dayne
Elora Dayne
Davrick Dayne
Kalen Sand

House Dayne

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