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The Second Campaign: Eyes and Ears of the Second Sons

The Second Sons mercenary company has taken a contract to take down a self-styled warlord from The Westerlands named Harkon Reyne. It is the largest campaign the company has ever taken in Westeros, as they operate primarily in Essos and make their headquarters in the abandoned remains of Old Ghis.

The head of the Second Sons’ scout division was sent ahead to Westeros to gather intelligence on Reyne’s forces and hired four Westerosi sellswords out of Gulltown to infiltrate the warlord’s troops. They have six months to gather as much information as they can about troop dispositions, movements, and strength, at which point they are to slip away and meet with an agent of the Second Sons at The Eye.

The Players

Dag, Son of Halfdan – The exiled son of the Redsmiths clan chief, Dag lost his honor when he allowed himself to be captured alive by the rival Stone Crows clan while serving as a scout for his father. Although he was eventually freed, he was sent away to steel his courage. In order to win back his place in the clan, he must face his brothers in a trial by melee combat, so he makes his way as a mercenary while he learns to master his fears and hone his skills.

Likudis, The Red Blade of Meereen – Born a soldier’s son, Likudis was captured at a young age in a border skirmish between his home city of Astapor and the rival forces of Meereen. When the Astapori refused to ransom him, he was made a slave and showed promise as a gladiator. As he aged, he grew to be an immense and ferocious fighter, earning the nickname The Red Sword of Meereen. His owner rewarded him with lavish food and Lyseni courtesans, and eventually entered him into the Great Contest in the coliseum of Meereen, a gladiator tournament that takes place only once per decade. Likudis went undefeated until the championship round, when his owner drugged his food and bet against him. He earned his freedom, but was dealt a savage blow to his pride. He now wages a bloody campaign of vengeance against the world, looking to return himself from the life of luxury that he feels was stolen from him.

Shaq Blaq – A scion of the Summer Isles, Shaq was the son and heir of one of the wealthiest mercantile families on all the Isles. His father traded fruit, feathers, exotic animals, valuable seafood, and the precious Goldenheart wood that forms the most exquisite long bows in the known world. He was sent from the island of Omboru to the ports of Essos to make contacts and learn the business of trade, and spent his time between voyages mastering archery, for which he exhibited a natural talent. His life was turned on its ear when his father was betrayed and murdered, and their business stolen out from under them. Left with only a fraction of his previous wealth, Shaq fled the Summer Isles and Essos alike, heading to Westeros to forge a new path.

Igan Tarley – The fourth son of Hanlan Tarley, a wealthy lord of The Reach, Igan was raised in comfort and ease. Considered a “spare son” with no clear path, he was sent to The Academy in Essos to be educated in geography, mathematics, economics, and engineering in the hopes that he could one day handle the business of exporting his fathers abundant agricultural surplus to the arid shores of Essos. While at the Academy, however, Igan discovered the faith of R’hllor, the Lord of Light, and abandoned his father’s plan for his own. Returning to Westeros, he now seeks the will of his Red God on his native continent.

The Kingdoms

The History

Our modified timeline, combining some of the ancient events of Westeros from a span of 10,000 years to a few decades in length to bring them together.

The Old Campaign

The supplanted heir to House Dayne is blamed for a betrayal that cost his half brother his life, his house its prince, and his kingdom its ancestral weapon. In the aftermath, the Prince of Dorne sends the bastard lordling in search of redemption in the company of a small motley group of companions. He must recover the legendary weapon known as Dawn, or else lose his claim – and his home – forever.

The Players

Kalen Sand – Bastard son of Arro Dayne and once and future heir to its lordship. Kalen was replaced when his father sired a trueborn son 15 years his junior, but with his half-brother’s death finds himself either the once again heir to House Dayne…or an exile.

Haskell Ulvetten – An eccentric and well traveled Stone Dog from the Mountains of the Moon, Haskell has journeyed from the snowy peaks of the Vale to the dusty libraries of Oldtown, ever in search of the deeper mysteries surrounding the ancient races and magics of Westeros. The Citadel was asked for an expert on the mountain clans of the Vale, and so he was dispatched to Sunspear to serve at the pleasure of Mors Martell.

Thoridos Volenion – Prince Mors gave little to Kalen Sand to aid in his journey, save basic supplies, mounts, and a purse of coin, but one thing further he offered was the aid of Thoridos, with naught for explanation as to how specifically he would aid the quest. In time, his particular abilities will make themselves known.

Roznas na Aqqun – A refugee of the shattering of the Ghiscari Empire and a victim of his own mind, Roznas has chased rumor and folk tales all the way across the Narrow Sea in search of answers to his green dreams. They have led him to pursue a rogue Valyrian dragonrider loose in Westeros, but towards what end he must learn in time.

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