BD = Battle for the Dawn

The end of the Long Night marks the turning point for the current timeline.

  • ~-250 BD: The Pact is forged between the First Men and the Children of the Forest
  • -223 BD: Tristan Dayne sees a falling star and is compelled to travel to the site of its landing. There he builds the keep that will eventually be called Starfall and founds House Dayne. Metal from the heart of the fallen star is recovered and eventually used to forge Dawn.

*-57 BD: Sons of the Citadel campaign begins

  • -52 BD: The first Dragonlords arise in Valyria.
  • -45 BD: The first war between the Freehold of Valyria and the Empire of Ghis.
  • -33 BD: The Empire of Ghis is destroyed. Dragonlords of the Freehold raze the city to the ground with dragonfire.
  • -30 BD: The Valyrian Freehold begins a campaign of expansion that results in war with the people of the Rhoyne.
  • -29 BD: The first frost of winter is recorded in Oldtown. Scholars declare that winter has officially begun and white ravens are sent out to the kingdoms. Although no one yet realizes it, the Long Night has begun. Gaven Stark is born.
  • -11 BD: Robert Stark falls in battle against The Others. Gaven Stark becomes King of Winter and is married to Katy Stark
  • -9 BD: The fall of Ny Sar marks the ultimate victory of the Valyrian Freehold over the Rhoynar. Nymeria’s famous fleet of 10,000 ships sails down the Rhoyne as refugees to escape the Dragonlords.
  • -1 BD: Gaven Stark takes all of his sons with him on an expedition into The Wolfswood in search of a way to end the Long Night.
  • 0 BD: The Battle for the Dawn. The Others retreat to the Land of Always Winter before a combined attack from the men of The North, The Night’s Watch, the Children of the Forest, and the giants. Gaven Stark returns to Winterfell. All of his sons are declared lost in the war.
  • 7 BD: Present Day (Dawnseeker Campaign)


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